Monday, 7 January 2013

Stir Up Your Potential

Hidden in you is the most dynamic power unknown to mankind. It has the capacity to alter the course of history: your life and that of others …it is your potential!
Potential by all definitions is what you are capable of that you haven’t done yet, and you and I know there is quite a lot of that kind of potential sitting in us. Dreams and aspirations that are uniquely ours but which we haven’t given the wings to take off, but they are there…
Potential is not something we learn. It is innate, inbuilt by our creator. THE CHALLENGE we all face is that of DISCOVERING and DEVELOPING those potentialities, and become all we were created to be…
The thing with potential is that it is a do-it-yourself kind of job. You’ve got to TAKE ACTION and ACTIVATE yours …DEFINE it, REFINE it, FOCUS it and CHANNEL it to some course that only your potential can serve
Will you TAKE THE CHALLENGE, will you TAKE ACTION …and convert all your POTENTIALITIES and POSSIBILITIES into REALITY, that’s the way to Happiness and Joy ...taking responsibility of your God given abilities!!!
Welcome to 2013: ...stir up you potential!!!